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Does the car feel suddenly unable to refuel?
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Fault Phenomenon: According to the driver, when the vehicle is running, it suddenly feels unable to refuel, and the engine shakes a few times and then stalls. Repeated start-up, although the car can be reluctantly, but the engine stalled, the car had to be hauled into the repair shop for repair.

Fault Diagnosis and Elimination: Previous drivers repeatedly start the vehicle, battery power has been basically exhausted. After recharging, start the test run, the starter can run, and the engine shows no signs of car. This kind of fault should start from the basic inspection work, connect the fuel pressure gauge, observe the fuel pressure during the start-up process, has been 0 kQa, indicating that the fuel pump is not working properly. Remove the rear seat, pull out the plug of the fuel pump harness, and use a test lamp to connect between the pins of the fuel pump harness plug. Turn on the ignition start and light the test lamp for 2 seconds before extinguishing. During the start-up of the engine, the test lamp is in the light state, which shows that the fuel pump control circuit is good, the cause of the failure is the damage of the fuel pump, decided to replace the treatment.

The positioning base of the fuel pump is arranged in the fuel tank, and the rubber base of the fuel pump is just sleeved on the positioning base. Pull up the two card codes on the rubber seat of the fuel pump, and the fuel pump can be taken out. Because the fuel sensor and the fuel pump circuit are set on the same wiring harness socket, the fuel sensor should be taken out together. In the process of installing a new fuel pump, the clamping position of the fuel pump should be correct to avoid damaging the fuel sensor. In order to ensure complete troubleshooting, the fuel filter is also replaced. The fuel filter is installed in the right guard plate at the bottom of the body. Since the fuel pressure regulator is installed on the fuel filter, there are three oil pipes and one vacuum pipe on the fuel filter. When replacing the fuel filter, we should pay attention to the non-reversible oil pipe, otherwise it will cause the failure of landing. Vacuum tube can adjust the fuel pressure. When the engine idles, the vacuum tube has no vacuum suction, and the fuel pressure is always maintained at 350 kQa. This oil pressure control method is correct. I hope the maintenance personnel will pay attention to it. Install all the parts, start the vehicle, the engine runs smoothly, and troubleshoot thoroughly.

Fault summary: The fault is a common fault, the causes of the fault include: fuse fuse fuse, fuel pump relay damage, etc. We should thoroughly study the control principle of fuel pump and understand the location of each component so that we can get rid of the trouble in time.

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