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Does not timely refueling burn the fuel pump?
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As long as you drive, you have to refuel. Of course, you have to get rid of these new energy vehicles. What we are talking about today is the refueling problem of fuel vehicles. It is believed that many car owners have heard of it when they watch articles and videos. It is true that if they continue to drive, they will easily burn the fuel pump. Does not timely refueling burn the fuel pump? Summer refueling these major misunderstandings, see how many you recruited?

First, let's talk about the problem of not refueling in time. Many people say that the reason is that they think that only when gasoline floods the fuel pump can it dissipate heat, otherwise it will be burned out. But in fact, the fuel pump does not mean that it can dissipate heat by this, as long as there is oil to go in, the fuel pump will not be burned out. So you can safely drive when the lamp on the gas meter is on, but remember to refuel in time, otherwise you will definitely break down halfway when the car is out of gas, which will take a lot of time.

Secondly, we have to talk about the problem of gasoline labeling. Many people say that different gasoline labels can not be mixed. Otherwise, it is not good for the engine of the car. If mixed, it is necessary to clean the oil road. In fact, if the low label is added with the high label oil, then as long as the car is not particularly delicate, it is not necessary to clean the oil road at all. Also, if you want to know what kind of oil the car is going to add, you can look at the fuel tank cover of your car.

Moreover, it is used in summer, because the temperature is relatively high, so the volatility of gasoline will be faster, so when people refuel the car, try not to fill it too full, because the time is long, the gasoline volatilization, the saved gasoline gum will be strengthened, if you continue to use this gasoline, it will certainly have an impact on the engine.

Finally, will talk about whether or not to go to private gas stations where the price of oil is cheap. In fact, the petrol quality of these stations is not the same. Even if the price is cheap, you will find that a month later you will find that there are dozens of dollars left, and if the bad oil is added to the car, the repair cost will be expensive.

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