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How much do you know about maintenance tips for automobile cooling system
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The most common failure of automobile cooling system is the "water tank", which can cause the car to break down and lose water. With the loss of water tank and water and acceleration failure. To boil water in vehicle repair tank, first of all, ensure normal vehicle-related components, such as using correct label fuel, oil, spark plug, antifreeze, adjusting ignition time and idle air-fuel ratio. Further check the cooling system under normal conditions.

Daily inspection of cooling system.

Look at the water tank first. The normal water tank should be at the same temperature when driving. If it is cold and half hot, it can be judged that the water tank is blocked. The water tank can be connected to a 2 kg pressure water pipe. If the blockage is serious, a small amount of detergent can be used for backwashing. The contamination of the water tank should be cleaned and the leakage observed.

Second, look at the thermostat. Some people think that removing the thermostat can prevent high side water temperature, if the thermostat function does not cause excessive water temperature, and the test time running at low temperature is also very harmful; moreover, many engine thermostats are bidirectional. When the thermostat is turned off, the cooling water is forced into a small cycle. When the thermostat is turned on, the small circulation is closed and the cooling water is completely circulated. If a thermostat is not installed, due to the throttling effect of the local resistance of the pipeline, the actual flow to the larger circulation is less, and the water temperature rises.

Finally, check the pump. There are three ways to destroy the pump: leakage, loss and impeller corrosion. When the engine speed reaches a certain point, the impeller of the pump can not reach the corresponding speed, resulting in poor water circulation. Fans are the main components of the cooling system. Some automobiles have eliminated fixed fans and replaced them with electromagnetic and silica gel clutch fans. Its characteristic is that when the car is cold, the fan does not work, and the heat dissipation reaches the maximum in the hot car. The main failure of silicone oil fan clutch is oil leakage, while the main failure of electromagnetic fan clutch is water temperature switch, circuit damage and electromagnetic coil damage.

In addition to using water as cooling medium, part of the exhaust heat can also be lost. Oil can also take part of the heat, which plays an irreplaceable role in engine and air convection. So don't forget to check with you whether the engine superheated exhaust system (especially the model catalytic converter) is smooth and the oil and transmission oil cooling equipment is in good condition. In addition, the windshield near the engine fan (commonly known as the windshield) plays an important role in the thermal convection in the cabin.

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