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Three ways of belt transmission
Time:2022.12.03 Source: Taizhou Weiou Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Clicks:
The three transmission modes of the belt are open transmission, cross transmission and semi cross transmission. The details are as follows:
1. Belt drive:
Belt drive is also called "belt drive". A kind of mechanical transmission. It is composed of one or several belts tightly sleeved on two wheels. The two wheels are installed on the driving shaft and driven shaft respectively. The friction between the belt and two wheels is used to transmit motion and power.
2. Open drive:
The open-end drive is a belt drive in which the two axes of the belt pulley are parallel, the symmetry planes of the two wheel widths coincide, and the belt drives turn to the same direction.
3. Cross drive:
The cross drive is a belt drive with two parallel axes of the belt pulley, the center planes of the two wheel widths coincide, and the direction of rotation is opposite.
4. Semi cross drive:
Half cross drive refers to the belt drive with two axes of pulley interlaced in space, and the interlacing angle is usually 90 °.
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