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What parameters does the water pump have?
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The parameters mainly include flow and head, shaft power, speed and necessary NPSH.
Flow refers to the liquid output through the pump outlet in unit time, generally using volume flow;
The head is the energy increment of the liquid delivered from the pump inlet to the outlet per unit weight. For the positive displacement pump, the energy increment is mainly about the increase of pressure energy, so it is usually expressed by the pressure increment instead of the head.
The pump efficiency is not an independent performance parameter, but can be calculated by other performance parameters such as flow, head and shaft power according to the formula. On the contrary, shaft power can also be calculated when the flow, head and efficiency are known.
There is a certain interdependence between the various performance parameters of the pump. The parameters can be measured and calculated through the pump test, and expressed by drawing curves. These curves are called pump characteristic curves. Each pump has a specific characteristic curve, which is provided by the pump manufacturer. Generally, the recommended performance range is also indicated on the characteristic curve given by the factory, which is called the working range of the pump.
The actual working point of the pump is determined by the intersection of the pump curve and the pump device characteristic curve. The pump shall be selected and used so that the working point of the pump falls within the working range to ensure economic and safe operation. In addition, when the same pump delivers liquids with different viscosity, its characteristic curve will also change.
Generally, the characteristic curve given by the pump manufacturer mostly refers to the characteristic curve when delivering clean cold water. For the power pump, as the liquid viscosity increases, the head and efficiency decrease, and the shaft power increases. Therefore, in industry, sometimes the liquid with high viscosity is heated to reduce the viscosity, so as to improve the transmission efficiency.
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